Ramona Barbiere


Ramona studied at Liaison College in Toronto and then travelled to Italy to complete a 4 month course in Master of Italian Cuisine.

Fresh locally made products such as cheese, meat and pasta is a passion of Ramona's and to see firsthand how all of these local products were made and the care and dedication that goes into them truly inspired her.

Further inspiration and a higher level of food awareness came from working with passionate Chefs whose high standards for using only quality products permanently instilled a desire in Ramona to strive for bringing out only the best in food. All of these experiences culminated into her love and knowledge for simple beautiful dishes.

"Growing up in the industry has given me a unique understanding of both the kitchen and the customer point of view. Dining at any restaurant should be an experience that exceeds all expectations and that is exactly what we strive for here at Villaggio Ristorante."