She Said/He Said: Vaughan resto rumours true

• Vaughan Citizen •
Thursday, March 3, 2011
Reviewer(s): Caroline Grech and Adam Martin-Robbins

Citizen reporters Caroline Grech and Adam Martin-Robbins lunched and talked politics at Villaggio Ristorante in Kleinburg in honour of Savour York Region, a local food fest where you can dine in and around York Region at participating restaurants all offering a special, three-course fixed price menu for lunch and dinner.
Here are their reviews, starting with ladies first.

Homemade tiramisu to die for

I'm starting to think the rumour is true. It's impossible to get a bad meal in Vaughan.

The way to my heart is through food and Villaggio Ristorante in Kleinburg has won a spot. From the moment my colleagues and I stepped in to check out the local resto for Savour York Region restaurant week, I felt a sense of calm.

Nicely designed in warm colours and with ample space between tables, the restaurant is cozy.

I believe eating should be an experience and part of that comes from the look of the restaurant. But most of it comes from the food.

If you are eating at Villaggio anytime soon make sure to bring an appetite as they are far from stingy with their portions.

In keeping with the spirit of the City of Vaughan's meal expense policy, my companions and I didn't order any wine.

My fixed-price, $20, three-course meal started with tomato and onion salad, drizzled with olive oil and topped with fresh basil.

Each course gets top marks for presentation.

With each new course, the chef upped the ante. It was an assault of my senses first with the smell of the food and then with each flavourful bite.

My main course of bassa, a light, white fish, was sautéed with capers, shallots, white wine and topped with olive oil. It was to die for.

Served with a side of grilled vegetables and potatoes, started to worry how I would fit dessert in.

Dessert was on my mind from the moment I saw the special Savour York Region menu had tiramisu made in-house.

It was nothing short of perfect. The zabaglione cream was melt in your mouth and went nicely with an after lunch espresso.

Every bite was better than the next.

You won't be disappointed if you try this quaint restaurant in picturesque Kleinburg.

With three-course meal prices ranging from $20 to $35 for lunch and dinner during Savour York Region, it's well worth checking out.

Villaggio did not disappoint

At my house we have an expression for food that's so good you want to lick the plate clean — we call it moaning food.

It stems from sounds of gas­tronomic ecstasy made by certain members of the Martin-Robbins clan when they're consuming a particularly delectable dish.

Picture a toned down version of Meg Ryan's infamous restaurant scene in the film When Harry Met Sally.

The lunch I had at Villaggio Ristorante Tuesday definitely qualifies as moaning food. I started with the antipasto di mare. And oh what a start it was.

Some restaurants scale back their portions on the prix fixe menus, but not Villaggio.

The appetizer was a heaping plate of marinated, mixed seafood that included tender calamari and perfectly prepared shrimp served on a thin bed of crisp mesclun that easily could have satisfied two people.

Topped with fresh herbs and drizzled with a lovely olive oil, it tasted fresh and cool like an early spring morning when the first buds are popping.

I followed that up with ricotta cheese-stuffed tortellini served with mushrooms and peas in a cream sauce.

This is one of my favourite combinations — although this is the first time I've had it with ricotta cheese-stuffed torteflini — and Villaggio did not disappoint.

Despite having devoured the entire appetizer, once I smelled the pasta knew I was going to clean my plate.

The cream sauce was rich and bursting with flavour without being too heavy, while the peas and tortellini were firm but tender to the bite.

I ended my meal with a nice, strong espresso and a tasty lemon drop tartufo served with blueberries. It wasn't a bad choice but, if I could do it over, I'd go with the sublime tiramisu that my colleagues were gracious enough to share.